At PFS, we are proud to have provided best-in-class protection and service to our clients across the sports, business, entertainment and medical industries for more than 35 years. It makes us equally proud to share a few testimonials illustrating the benefit clients have found in working with us over the years...

  • As a member of the PGA, I play golf not just for the love of the game but also as a means to provide for my family.  Unfortunately, a recent injury has kept me from playing on the tour much longer than I anticipated.  However, thanks to the protection PFS has provided me via their Temporary Total Disability (TTD) coverage, I received timely benefit payments to continue providing for my family while I rehabilitated my injury.  PFS offers innovative and professional service that I would highly recommend to other professionals looking to protect their financial future.

    Bo Van Pelt - Professional Golfer
    PGA Tour
  • Thanks to the protection that PFS provided me via their customized coverage, I received a timely benefit payment to help offset the financial loss incurred as a result of injuries I suffered prior to entering my free agency year.  PFS offers innovative and professional service that I would highly recommend to other athletes looking to protect their financial future.

    Luke Willson - Tight End
    Seattle Seahawks
  • PFS responded quickly and effectively when the Chargers experienced a unique injury development.  We know we can count on PFS.

    Ed McGuire - Executive VP of Football Administration / Player Finance
    Los Angeles Chargers
  • As an NFL player, your primary concern is most often about the upcoming game or season.  Rarely do you think about your career being cut short by a significant injury.  Unfortunately, I did see my career end much earlier than I anticipated.  However, my family and I are very thankful we found PFS and the protection they provided via Permanent Total Disability (PTD) coverage.  PFS was very professional, and I greatly appreciate their cooperation and timely response in paying my PTD claim.

    Jason Fox - Offensive Tackle
    Miami Dolphins
  • The St. Louis Cardinals deal with many different insurance underwriters. PFS happens to be one of the St. Louis Cardinals most trusted and loyal insurance underwriters. PFS often provides sound strategies for reducing risk as it relates to insuring our players for injuries. Customer service is very important to our organization. I can depend on PFS to deliver excellent customer service, timely responses and assurance that the promised service is delivered. PFS’ integrity and dedication to the profession make PFS a valued business partner of the St. Louis Cardinals.

    Bradford S. Wood - Sr. Vice President & CFO
    St. Louis Cardinals
  • This is my 17th season, and the Texas Rangers have been very satisfied with the services provided by PFS, and we plan to continue our relationship into the future.  Our recent experience with player injuries has reinforced to both management and ownership that entering into long term player contracts requires purchasing the type of protection against financial loss that PFS provides.  We are firmly convinced that having these resources available made it possible for us to compete for the Western Division Championship.

    Mr. Terry Turner - Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Risk Management
    Texas Rangers
  • PFS has exhibited such professionalism in meeting our very customized needs that I am confident no insurance task is too unique or complicated for them to handle.

    Mr. Timothy Buzard - Sr. VP of Administration
    Chicago White Sox
  • Nick Greisen and PFS have been outstanding to work with. When I first heard about the policy PFS created to help players protect their split contract, I thought it added great value to help secure my client’s immediate financial future.  PFS have done a great job of keeping me informed on their trendsetting insurance solutions, therefore, keeping me and my clients ahead of the game.

    Ken Sarnoff - NFLPA Certified Agent
    PlayersRep Sports Management
  • For a player, it is essential to understand the true meaning behind every clause in their contract. In my case, I was at risk to lose my roster bonus for every game I was not on the active 46-man game day roster. I spoke with Nick Greisen at PFS, and they created a customized, first of its kind, roster bonus policy to protect me from the financial risk that I faced on a weekly basis. I feel more secure knowing that I have PFS protecting me and could not be more thankful for their dedication and concern for my physical and financial well-being.

    Scott Tolzien - Quarterback
    Indianapolis Colts
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