Our Logo

As a leading provider of specialty risk and disability insurance coverage since 1980, Pro Financial Services (PFS' legal name) values the sterling reputation earned within the sports and various professional industries we serve. Over the years, the shortened PFS moniker became much more prevalent within the insurance community and synonymous for the best-in-class service we pride ourselves on providing our clientele and business partners. Therefore, in 2016, we decided it was time to embrace the name and make PFS part of our corporate logo.


We chose the lion and shield image as a symbol of the protection and safety we provide our clients, along with our goal to always be the industry leader, or king of the jungle if you will. The logo and font are intended to both look modern and engaging, matching our goal for our company and culture. The red and black primary colors of our logo are symbolic of the protection and financial strength our services provide.

PFS' trademarked logo is a valuable asset which is the exclusive property of PFS.  Both the lion / shield logo and "PFS Specialty Risk Underwriters" are registered trademarks with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  Use, reproduction, copying or redistribution of PFS' logo is strictly prohibited unless permission has been requested from and expressly provided by PFS.