Our History

In the 1980s, the professional sports world was changing as salaries and TV revenues began to dramatically impact the landscape of contracts and the way players, coaches, teams and leagues viewed financial tools to guarantee success. Brian Burns was an experienced property and casualty insurance agency owner during this era and saw an opportunity to design products that would be custom built to serve the unique financial plans of major sports and entertainment figures and properties. PFS was created under Mr. Burns' direction and the company has grown into a leading provider of high-risk, high-limit disability insurance for top talent in the worlds of sports, entertainment, business and medicine.

But in the early 1980s, the idea for PFS and its unique line of products was revolutionary. Mr. Burns befriended a former Yankee pitcher, turned sports agent who began representing minor-league baseball, college football and professional basketball players. They partnered to create groundbreaking insurance products that would protect young rising star athletes with little to no income against the risks of injuries that would shorten their earning years.

PFS since has gone on to insure many up and coming athletes such as Bo Jackson, Brian Bosworth, Mario Andretti, Michael Andretti and Ralph Sampson, to name a few. PFS continues to embrace its entrepreneurial roots in fashioning custom insurance products to protect players and coaches against lost earning risks inherent in complex professional contracts today.

In 1983, PFS created the first-ever short term disability policy for an NFL team, the Cleveland Browns – which insured the team’s salary on its top 10 paid players in the face of lost games due to injury or illness.

Today, PFS works with professional teams, leagues, athletes and coaches in creating a series of unique insurance products to protect against a myriad of financial events.  PFS has expanded on its vast sports experience to provide exceptional protection against financial loss to those in the worlds of entertainment, business and medicine as well.